WeY Next

Our network for future leaders in Supply Chain and Operations

Future leaders in Supply Chain

The most important asset of WeY is it's network. WeY Next is our community of future leaders within Supply Chain management and Logistics.

Our WeY Next network consists of young professionals within Supply Chain management. They are the future leaders in this field and may or may not work independently for leading companies in the contract logistics and mid- and high-tech industry.

WeY Next agenda

WeY Next connects its members by organising events on industry related topics and on themes such as personal leadership and work-life balance. The aim is to exchange knowledge and experiences in the development towards supply chain leadership.

Besides sharing knowledge, building connections within the profession is an important goal of WeY Next. Alone you go fast, together you get further!

Currently we are constructing our activity calender and keep you posted on our events. We organise events in a wide range, for example:

  • Company visits
  • Think tanks
  • Theme speakers
  • Fun events

Upcoming WeY Next events

Join WeY Next

Future leadership is not about being in charge, we believe in personal leadership in any role and by showing this by contributing to changes within the business. Are you a young professional in your second or third step in your carreer and do you want to connect with other future leaders?

WeY Next is about connecting to colleagues in the field, sharing and learning from each other. By doing so making a change.

Our WeY Next Ambassadors!

Marielle Boelhouwers

I get excited about meeting new people, visiting new places, learning new things and helping people (or companies) move forward. This has been me ever since childhood.

Through the world of hospitality, as a financial advisor in private banking and now as a consultant, I wonder; What drives you? What is your goal? What is behind it? Why does that drive you?

 Both at WeY and in private, I like to combine purpose with fun. The combination of learning, sports, being active, good food and drinks and connection represents me.

I also see this combination at WeY Next and that makes me happy.
I like connecting with fun, like-minded people. The combination of purpose and fun. Because I love working with fun people all day long, helping them realize their goals

Marielle Boelhouwers

Marcel Hendrickx

Hey there, I'm Marcel! With over 15 years in supply chain-related roles spanning utilities and the high-tech industry, I've gathered quite a few tricks of the trade, so to speak! 
At 38 and being a father of 2, I pride myself on being a good listener with plenty of patience. Additionally, I bring leadership skills, a pragmatic and optimistic attitude, and a straightforward mentality to the table.

I enjoy tackling complex problems head-on, but when I’m not in the boardroom, you'll find me on the padel or tennis court, blowing off some steam. There's nothing like a good match to clear the mind, right?  However, my interests go beyond sports; I prioritize building and maintaining connections. 

Whether through casual conversations or networking events like those hosted by the WeY Next network, fostering relationships is paramount to me. I'm always ready for a challenge.  So, whether it's optimizing supply chains or forging meaningful connections, I'm here to make a difference, one step at a time. If you're seeking someone unafraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done, you've found the right person! 

Ready to kick things off? Put me in front of a group

Let’s connect and stay connected!

WeY next ambassadeur

Marcel Hendrickx

Deborah Steen

I am one of WeY’s most recent joiners and I have been warmly welcomed and taken into our WeY Team. Being a part of this supportive and energetic group is a pleasure! 

With the combination of my background in the hospitality industry and relaxed atmosphere of WeY Next this is an ideal fit for me.  I appreciate the fact that I have been given plenty of freedom and responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of our WeY team and it goals. Being there for our team and offering support to our director, sales tigers, our administration heroes and consultants brings me great satisfaction and in return I get a lot of appreciation and energy from all of them. 

Outside of work I mostly enjoy spending time with my family and friends, love to indulge in the hospitality industry from a guest’s experience side, and like to travel (most recently enjoyed my one month off to Bali) which was a once in a lifetime experience with my two young kids

WeY Next ambassadeur

Deborah Steen

Jos den Ouden

I joined WeY in 2021, and it still feels as right as rain. What sets WeY apart is its strong network, which we (thankfully) approach in a slightly unconventional way. Instead of overly formal and ‘rigid’ network drinks, we enjoy connecting with like-minded people in a personal and sometimes sporty way – combining fun with informative content. 

Outside of work, I aim to spend as little time as possible in the Netherlands – I love to put on my scuba gear in the warm morning sun, to explore the local coral reefs with my wife. After a dive, burying our feet in the sand, we love to unwind and reflect on the beach. If possible, with a decent summer temperature and something that looks like a barbecue or grill. 

Do you happen to scuba dive as well? If so, I’d love to connect with you at our next event; I’m always looking for new diving destinations to explore!

WeY Next ambassadeur

Jos den Ouden

Subham Sahoo

As a forward-thinking business consultant pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration at Fontys University, I have successfully undertaken strategic projects showcasing my proficiency in automation, centralization, and strategic guidance. Additionally, my expertise extends to sustainability projects, as I currently contribute to WeY's initiatives, combining business insight with a focus on environmental responsibility. With a foundation in data science and a diverse skill set, I am poised to make meaningful contributions to drive success in dynamic business environments.

Subham Sahoo


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