WeY cycling event 2022

WeY cycling event 2022,  A true example of successful outsourcing!

Last weekend WeY had it’s 5th annual cycling event with customers and interim-managers. Since 2 years the organization of the event is completely outsourced to Tehava/Isaac Cycles . For us an example of successful outsourcing. We tried to understand why this outsourcing was successful.  

Key succes factors were: 

  • Technology Outsourcing Partner: 
  • Service cars with extra bikes, and repair-materials, and a true ‘mecanicien’ were provided by Tehava/Isaac-Cycles during the tour. 
  • Network Outsourcing Partner: 

Our outsourcing-partner has network in the professional cycling world, result was that Leontien van Moorsel and Michael Zijlaard organized a bicycle clinic on the velodrome of Geleen for our guests. The network of Tehava/Isaac-Cycles also arranged professional ‘Motards’ of Stein who escorted the group during the ride. 


Ability to execute: 

  • Tehava/Isaac-Cycles has more experience with organizing cycling-events in their business.   
  • True partnership: 
  • Trust in our outsourcing-partner is also the basis for a successful event. Special thanks to Robert Vrancken of Tehava/Isaac-Cycles. 

Result of the outsourcing was that WeY could focus on their core-competence during the cycling-event, cycling, networking and helping our business-partners with their Supply-Chain and Operational problems! And above all, lots of fun during and after this event! Thank you for your contribution, participation and enthusiasm!