Two new faces @WeY

Meet Subham and Femke, the latest additions to our team! They are excited to grow, learn, and innovate together.

Subham, a 21-year-old business consultant, has recently become a part of our dynamic team. While pursuing his studies in business administration in Eindhoven, Subham brings his ambition and eagerness to learn the ins and outs of consulting to WeY. Currently, he is actively engaged in exciting projects, including his first one at Tennet, where he explores the realm of sustainability. Subham thrives on challenges, which is evident in his passion for triathlete sports. Outside of work, he enjoys quality time with friends and family, and his creative side shines through his love for making music.


On the other hand, Femke, also 21 years old and based in the beautiful city of Breda, is in the final year of her studies in Commercial Economics. Joining WeY for an internship, Femke will be dedicating the next six months to crafting an innovative improvement plan for our online marketing. She is well-prepared and excited for this enriching experience. Outside of her professional pursuits, Femke  spends her free time staying active. Her annual ski adventures with family bring her joy, and she also enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Beyond work and studies, Femke treasures moments engaged in fun activities with friends. 


We look forward to the valuable contributions Subham and Femke will bring to our team!