My first month as consultant

In this post I will share with you my first month full of experiences at WeY.

This spring I was following a personal development program at the Amsterdam School of Life, called Shape Your Future.

We all spend so much time at work. During this program I learned what is important to me; to make my work impactful, to make it fun, to make it energetic and worth the time. I shaped my personal Ikagai for the first time. And I figured, I need my future employer to have the same culture, not necessarily young in age, but young at heart.

After getting to know about WeY late spring, I decided to take the leap and be prepared to entire a whole new world.

And I have been exploring this whole new world for the past month. What I like so much is the open culture of our company. We think in possibilities instead of limitations. When talking about the possible work match this spring, I wasn’t just a working mom or someone from the finance industry, they saw the person and the possibilities lying behind the surface.


This month was full of energy, getting to know my new colleagues and getting to know the business. With every new assignment my environment and the requirements will change, which I love about the job. It will keep bringing me new energy.

My first assignment is about improving our own sales and back office process. My job is to improve the base, so we can all thrive even more in our own area of expertise.

Every day I am learning something or getting to know someone new. As with every new job, ofcourse I am a little tired at the end of the day, but mainly my energy is up high! I am loving the move I made to join WeY.

Interested to find out more about me or working for WeY? Please feel free to send me a message!