Together WeY

WeY delivers solutions

  • WeY defined

    No-nonsense and pragmatic solutions to your business challenges. We think outside the box and always deliver. 

  • WeY’s approach

    Fueled by trust and driven by results, we make commitments and lay down clear agreements, plain & simple. We work in teams and as individuals.

  • Our Network

    We believe in long-term relationships and our network is our biggest asset. We make connections between businesses and professionals to resolve business challenges.

We know your business

We’re in the <br><span>business of helping</span>

We’re in the
business of helping

Our network is our biggest asset. We work with professionals with extensive experience in supply chain management and logistics. We know your business and have tackled C-suite challenges and operational obstacles alike.

Selection of our customers

  • Aalberts
  • ASML
  • Alliander
  • Coredux
  • CSG
  • DHL
  • DSV
  • Gemeente Eindhoven
  • Gist
  • GXO
  • Hollander
  • ID Logistics
  • Koopman
  • Lamers
  • Lely
  • Medtronic
  • Muon
  • Neways
  • Punch Powertrain
  • Qirion
  • SwissSense
  • The Greenery
  • Veco
  • Polyplastic

News & Events

WeY celebrates by donating

WeY is celebrating it's 20th birthday and the opening of our new work loft @Strijp-S. We are looking forward to you visit...

Climbing with Erik Breukink

WeY has a rich cycling tradition with an annual event for our network. Last Saturday a large group of enthusiasts gathere...

WeY Next Padel October 2023

WeY Next is organizing a Padel event. Whether you are an experienced player or you just want to try it, feel free to join...

WeY Padel July 2023

WeY is organizing a Padel event. Whether you are an experienced player or you just want to try it, feel free to join us...

Differences and similarities

Within WeY, we have come a long way in developing our propositions Digital Supply Chain (DSC), Supply Chain Engineering (...

Happy holidays and a good 2023

Time to lay back for a couple of days and enjoy the company of family and friends. WeY wishes everyone nice Christmas day...

New partnership!

The Tulpen Fonds Tulip and WeY Strategy Realisation are joining hands because they believe that every self-employed perso...

My first month as consultant

In this post I will share with you my first month full of experiences at WeY. This spring I was following a personal...

WeY got inspired by Patagonia

The bigger problems become, the bigger the need for change. The world is running out of resources and yet the throwa...

Help us built a digital community?

The strength of WeY is its community of professionals and customers. WeY connects to resolve challenges in complex logist...

WeY cycling event 2022

WeY cycling event 2022,  A true example of successful outsourcing! Last weekend WeY had it’s 5th annu...

Expert training Industry 4.0

Sharing knowledge is multiplying WEY MC & I40MC: EXPERT TRAINING INDUSTRY 4.0 MATURITY INDEX

WeY is cycling the elephant ride

After riding Paris-Roubaix, WeY is cycling the elephant ride The idea came from one of our relations: Last...

WeY goes

WeY is about connecting businesses and people. Wether it is a "bami sessie", a sport event, inspiration session or otherw...

Doing a master in Management

Working full time and doing a part time master in Management It’s Richard again! I am already working for more than ...

Join a

Solve your business-challenge by using our expertise and network: join a "Noodle -session" A Noodle session......?! ...

S&OP Expert meeting

On Monday June 29th WeY hosted an S&OP Expert Meeting for Senior Managers. The main purpose was to share how large an...